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Commissions come to life!

  • Reach out to us with your commission request through our Contact Us page. Make sure to include all important information in your inquiry. 

  • Please allow up to 5 business days for us to contact you. If we do not respond, please send another message or contact us through one of our social media platforms in case of an undelivered message. 

  • We will send you a follow-up email with an initial quote or any questions that we may need to cover to get a better idea of your project. 

  •  If you have any alteration requests for the quote like a different painting quality or adding or removing models let us know. We will adjust the quote and once it’s finalized, we can send you an invoice.  

  • At this point, we ask for a 50% down payment for the project. Payment can be made in person if you select the drop-off option or through online payment methods. Our preferred payment method is Etransfer made to our email address: We also accept cash, Paypal, and can take card payments through SquareUP as well. Paypal and SquareUP will have an additional 2% fee. 

  • You can now ship us your project or we can purchase models, for you. Our shipping info can be found on the Contact Us page or most likely given to you by us in the follow-up email. Send us a confirmation email that you shipped your package, and we will look out for it, we will send you a confirmation email when we receive it. 

  • Now we take over and perform our magic!  

  • Progress photos will be sent to you near the tail end of the project or mid-project if it is a large commission. Once you receive these, let us know if everything is looking good or if we missed anything major so we can take care of that. 

  • We will then complete the remainder of the project and send over some more finished photos.  

  • If everything is good to go we will send an email confirming the balance.  

  • Once the balance is paid, we will prepare them for pick up/shipping and send tracking information. 

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