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All Rates Listed Below Are Estimates

Every project is unique and many factors are going into pricing a project. Please fill out the contact form and give us all the information about your project for an accurate quote.  

Smaller projects consisting of a single or handful of models MAY be priced at a premium. If the same model were part of an army/larger project, it would be cheaper than if commissioned independently or with a few other models.

If you have many duplicate or similar models numbering more than 40 you will have a bulk DISCOUNT for these. This discount will be applied to your quote.  

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 13-58-16 Pricing Charts 4ROC - Pricing Charts 4ROC - Sheet1.pdf.p
Painting Pricing
Commission Painting Pricing
Pricing Sample Four Realms Of Chaos

General Payment Information: 

-All prices below are in Canadian Dollars. We also accept USD currency. If you are in the United States we will quote in USD because the currency conversion Paypal takes would be a good chunk from us.  

-Tax is included in our pricing appropriately.  

-Our preferred payment method is an Etransfer to our email address:

- We also accept cash, Paypal, and can take card payments through SquareUP as well. Paypal and SquareUP will have an additional 2% fee.   

-We can also send an invoice to you upon request. 

-We require a 50% down payment for each commission. This helps cover costs to purchase models and pay painters. The remaining balance of a commission is required before shipping/pick up.  

-When a customer can no longer pay for a project, we may be forced to sell it and recoup our losses. 

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