The four Realms Of Chaos

"Your Realm to Imagine, Ours to Create"- 4ROC

Four Realms of Chaos is a professional miniature painting studio located in Canada. We started our business in 2012 and now work full time doing what we love, painting, table top gaming, and board games


- We put our hearts into every project we do, resulting in high positive feedback!

-We've been operating for over 8 years so you're getting professionals you can count on and come back to expand your collection years down the road 

- This is our full time job so we have a MUCH faster turn around time than solo painters 

- We have several local artists that are part of the crew with art degrees

- We are a friendly Canadian Registered Small Business, yes we pay taxes but we include it in our prices 

-Have had customers from all over the world

-Clients have won "best painted" at competitions for their miniatures

- Tristan, Sid, and Des have EACH WON a Warhammer 40k tournament and have been into anything games workshop most of their lives 

-We are active and positive members of the gaming community and plan to open a board game cafe in the near future to share our hobby with the world on another level  



Our Painting Studio is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada just north of Toronto. 

You are always welcome to drop of your project in person and come check out the studio!

Just make sure to call or email before hand!

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