The four Realms Of Chaos

"Your Realm to Imagine, Ours to Create"- 4ROC

Welcome to the RPG Character Creation Page!

Here are Simple Steps to bring your character into reality...

unless you plan on dressing up as well...

We love Dungeons and Dragons. I wish we had time to play more often! 

We played DND 3.5 ed and are starting to learn 5th.

Even if you play more pen & paper DND, having a model of your character is awesome!

We invest so much time into our games why not DISPLAY your character in all their GLORY!

Step 1: Contact Us

Send us a picture

and/or describe their 

appearance and background

Step 2: The Expedition

If you already have a model that's great!

If not we can help you search for one. I recommend 

reaper miniatures or something from wizkids. If you find 

the model you want let us know and we can check our 

sources and find the best place to buy them from.   


You can also use an RPG crafting website such as:
Once you create your character you can purchase and send us the STL file and we can 3D print and paint your miniature. Check out our 3D printing page for more info. A free 3D crafting website:

Steps 3: Customize model

We can make special adjustments to models upon request.
Example: Below we have "The Princess" made for the PodCast Crit Juice. They wanted a young, royal looking princess wielding an oversized great sword. So we found an old forgotten realms maiden and sculpted long hair onto her and custom made a great sword.

EX: This "Trollboar" was converted from the reaper miniatures Hell Hound on the left.....

Step 4: Painting and Basing

The picture above shows our popular paint qualities for you to compare and

choose which is right for you.

Our most popular paint qualities for DND heroes are table top + an

character level.

We can paint your miniature however you like, just give us a description of 

the paint scheme or send us a picture. You can be as descriptive as the shoe 

colour to the hair so don't hold back getting your character done how you 


If you want to leave most of it to us, give us a brief description like  "paint 

them to look like a wood elf" and we will make it happen!  

We can also do many basing schemes so let us know what you'd like and we 

can see what we can create.

Visit the "Miniature Wargames" page to learn more about our Painting and 

Basing Qualities. 


The best way to go about a commission is 

giving us your ideal budget and a description 

of what you'd like. Then we can suggest an 

appropriate paint quality, etc. 

Generally your average sized character miniature (painted+based) is:

Table top quality- $35~USD 

Table top + quality- $45~USD

Character quality-$55~USD

Character plus quality-$65~USD

The cost of the actual model and any requested conversions would be an 

additional cost. There would also be return shipping as well. 

3D printing is about $10-15 per mini and return shipping is about $15-20. 

If you wanted to get a variety of monsters and other miniatures that are 

used in your campaign those are relatively less expensive to paint so 

contact us for a quote

Contact us Below or Send us an Email Directly to

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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