The four Realms Of Chaos

"Your Realm to Imagine, Ours to Create"- 4ROC


***Camp Weeks To be Added in the near future***
***So Check Back soon!*** 

*Bring a Friend Discount*: Sign up with a friend and get 20% off BOTH!!!!
(I will send a partial refund) 

Cost is $299+ TAX for full day for one week. All miniatures and supplies will be supplied.
Pay using the "BUY NOW" button at the bottom of the page
 OR drop off a check at the Studio or send us an Interact E-transfer to our email.

For questions call or email us.  

Cell phone number: 416-418-8293

AGE Requirement:
Ages 10 and UP!

Standard Camp Hours:
9 am - 4 pm 
Half Day is available Upon Request for 50% off.

Kids should bring their own lunch and snacks.
No peanuts. Parents please inform us of any allergies when you sign up your kids.

Camp Activities:
Learn how to paint miniatures
Learn how to build awesome buildings and scenery
Take home your painted miniatures and crafts you make!
Learn fine brush skills and techniques
Play Cool Board Games
Watch themed movies to what we are painting in lunch breaks
Interactive Themed Adventure Story (Role Playing Game)

Our Studio is located in Markham, Ontario.
9889 Markham Rd, Markham, ON L6E 0B5
Second Floor Unit 203
Very Safe Area, Isolated 2nd floor space with low traffic.
Clean Public Washrooms right beside Studio.

Extra Info:
Paint is Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint!
All Hobby tools will be used under careful supervision.
If any of our cool creepy monsters at the studio are a little scary
we can find a place to move the models :)

More About ME:

Hi I'm Tristan & I will be running the miniature painting camp.
I've been painting miniatures for 10+ years.
 I teach adult painting lessons at a board game store.
I am great with kids!
I have coached kids basketball for 7 years.
(Elementary, High School, and Rep Level)
I worked in after school programs for kids back in high school.
I have volunteered at a school to coach sports for the last 3 years.
I have a passion for fantasy, sci-fi, and teaching so these are a great combo.

Addition Camp Weeks May be added depending on requests and Popularity.
High School Volunteers are accepted any time. They can learn to paint while helping out around the studio.


How To Paint Your Pet Dragon

"Can the brave hero rescue the princess

from the clutches of the fearsome dragon!"

Learn how to paint miniature Dragons, 

Knights, Princesses, Wizards and more!

The Scenery theme is castle Walls and Buildings.

Movie Magic

"In a galaxy far far away, there lived a 

hobbit, but not just any ordinary hobbit....."

Learn how to paint miniatures from Star

Wars, Lord Of the Rings and other huge 

blockbusters! There will be dwarves, elves,

clone troopers, and  even some SUPER HEROES!

The Scenery Theme is planet surfaces like molten lava or asteroids.

Fantastic Beasts & How to Paint Them

" Yesterday, a wizard entered 4ROC with a

case. A case full of magical creatures. And

 fortunately, some have escaped"

Learn how to paint all sorts of mythical

 creatures! Also mice and other non

 human adventurers!

The Theme of Scenery is forests, rivers, and natural terrain.

SO Animated they might just  

come to life!

"Awww so cute look at their little...." "

What!!? Who you Calling LITTLE!"

Learn how to paint Chibi style  


These are people and creatures with big 

heads and a ton of personality.

The Theme of Scenery is mystical ponds and crystal forests!

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Once you purchase and secure a spot, Email US BELOW which week you want to sign up for.
Also let us know if you are signing up with a friend and we will send a partial refund via paypal for the discount.

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For questions call or email us.  
Cell phone number: 416-418-8293