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We LOVE Board Games and if you're here you probably do too!

Painted Miniatures Really Brings 

Your Game to LIFE!  

It just takes you into another Realm......

But seriously, many customers have told us it 

improves their gaming experience so much

they want to get all their games painted.

     Board Game Painting Quality                                                                   Levels Descriptions

To keep it nice and simple we offer two 

different painting qualities for board games. 

Standard Level

  • We believe all board game                                                  miniatures deserve to be painted to                                                               this quality if you want to really                                                                enjoy a difference in your gaming                                                           experience                                                        
  • Shading techniques are used on                                                most colours to make them pop                        
  • Great for those who still want                                                       the game painted to a good quality                                                                  but have a budget in mind

Deluxe Level

  • Higher Quality!                                 
  • Different painting schemes and                                                        techniques might be incorporated to                                                            paint the  model                                          
  • Cool Effects such as weathering,                                                         blood, rust, chipping or gloss might                                                         be used to make the miniatures extra                                                        awesome                                                            
  • More Shades and Colours are used throughout the painting process

Standard Examples

Deluxe Examples

Additional Notes and Suggestions

  • If you commission a board game at deluxe level you can request specific colours! For Standard level we have to stick more to the game art or other colours to keep everything reasonable
  • All board games will be cleaned of mold lines by us before painting. Cost is already included in painting fee don't worry
  • You Can Mix and Match Qualities. That means you can request your favourite miniatures to deluxe and the rest of the game can be to standard to save a few bucks
  • We always put extra effort into heroes and special characters compared to other models. For example the heroes in Super Dungeon Explorer will be even better quality then the rest of the models in the game because we believe they deserve to stand out!
  •  Kingdom death and other board games with multi-part miniatures should use our "Miniature Wargames" page for more information including assembly costs.
  • If you want your game painted to an even better quality let us know and we will give you a quote.

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